Mission Statement

Like any online culture, video game culture has historically been almost synonymous with behavior that ranges from argumentative to disrespectful to abhorrent. Well, for over seven years, we've been providing a peaceful alternative. Our inception is rooted in sanctuary from Nintendo bashing and console wars. But, we like and accept all video game lovers and prioritize peace while maintaining a strong focus on Nintendo.

Don't forget, peaceful does not mean boring. A phrase of mine that has rung true in the community since the beginning is "it's not about agreeing all the time; it's about understanding that opinions can differ." That's important. Anyone can say whatever they like on our forums; they just have to say it in a calm and respectful way. We're proud to provide one of the few gaming communities on the web to achieve this peace.

Part of our quest for an open-minded, welcoming community also involves breaking down "hardcore"/"casual" barriers and welcoming the new audience. Thankfully, the wars over who or what is or is not "hardcore" have largely died down. It used to be a major wedge that people (often journalists) would use to stir up controversy. But, people have come to their senses in recent years. Or, perhaps more realistically, people have simply moved on to other controversies. =P

Lastly, gaming has really grown in popularity over the last decade. There are all kinds of people who discovered gaming during that time and found that maybe there was something more to it than the sensationalization of mind-numbing murder simulators. We do not shun those gamers; we welcome them. They will be the foundation of tomorrow's video game culture. This reflects a positive growth in the medium we love and there's nothing to dislike about that.

So, if any of this sounds like something you might be interested in being a part of, why not join the forum? Introduce yourself, come meet our friendly, welcoming people, and start enjoying games again.